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Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment: An Introduction to Literature

Six Lectures beginning April 25th, 2013Presented by

Dr. Ronald Muller


Thursday afternoons 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Great literature illuminates the deepest truths about the human experience and is a fundamental discipline of philosophic study.  Join the Newman Community as we explore the meaning of poetic inspiration through a reading of Dostoevsky’s great work of Russian literature, Crime and Punishment.


Spring Lecture Week & Appreciation Dinner

The Cardinal Newman Liberal Arts Project invites you to a springtime week of inquiry, reflection, and discussion with author, scholar, and professor of philosophy, Dr. Ronald Ledek of Dallas’s Walsingham Society. 

Please plan to join our many Newman Project supporters for dinner and a Spring Lecture presented by Dr. Ledek entitled “Newman’s Voice of Conscience, The Echo of the Echo of the Voice of God.”

Schedule April 25th to April 27th

Thursday evening– April 25

4:00 Introduction to Literature: Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment

6:00 Welcome reception for Dr. and Mrs. Ledek

7:00 Colloquium: On liberal learning, the tradition of Cardinal Newman,

and The Idea of a University

Friday evening– April 26

5:00 Colloquium on the liberal arts, the disciplines of learning,

and the principles of the core curriculum

7:30 Symposium: Metaphysics, Faith, Reason, and Apologetics

Saturday -April 27

10:30 Symposium: Body-Mind/Matter-Spirit

12:30 Lunch

5:00 Vigil Mass

6:00 Dinner (RSVP by email or phone ) and Lecture:

Newman’s Voice of Conscience, The Echo of the Echo of the Voice of God,”

Dr. Ronald Ledek