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The Idea of a University: Ep 11

Ep. 11: Relativism, pt 1.  (25 min) MP3 What is relativism?  Using Peter Kreeft’s book, “A Refutation of Moral Relativism,” we examine the 4 types of relativism: metaphysical relativism, epidemiological relativism, moral relativism and religious relativism.  Plus we throw in our own understanding of historical relativism for good measure!  How does the university structure and experience influence relativism?  This is a two part episode on relativism.

The Career Balance: personal passion and society’s needs

” In a culture that tells people to transform their passions into lucrative careers via will-driven alchemy, it’s no wonder so much of today’s workforce suffers from endless job swapping and professional discontent.” There has to be a balancing act for young career seekers: find your own talents and passions, and find what society needs plus how the systems operate for a livelihood. A whole academic disciple could be devoted to the latter.