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Teaching Morality January 14th Symposium

January 14, 2017.  Saturday morning symposium.  9:30am-1pm

Teaching Morality to Children

Fellow: Mr. Bobby Kinkela M.A. Theology

  • The obligation and duty of parents to teach right and wrong to children
  • The foundations of morality in natural law and religion, natural and supernatural morality
  • Teaching by example
  • Effective and ineffective means of teaching
  • The importance of Virtue and the Good life
  • Universal/Absolute truth


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Theology of the Bible

Fellow/Instructor: Mr. Kinkela, M.A. Theology.

Cost: $150 if paid on or before 9/15.  $15 a class after that.

Time: 12 Tuesdays 7-9 p.m. starting Sept. 8th 2015.  At Ambrose House, Kalamazoo.

Course Description:

This first year seminar is aimed to explore the key works in the canon of Sacred Scripture with the assistance of Sacred Tradition.  This includes the Hebrew Scriptures/the Old Testament and the Gospels and letters which make up the New Testament.  Attention will be focused on Christ, the cohesiveness of all of Sacred Scripture and the skill of exegesis.


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