John Paul II Library

Library Front

The John Paul II library is a collection of over 7000 cataloged volumes of works in the arts and sciences, humanities, and theology. An additional 3500 volumes are being screened for inclusion in a permanent collection of 15,000 volumes.
The library is organized according to Library of Congress classifications and allows students and researchers to consult a master database organized by author, title, and subject matter.. The collection is strongest in the humanities with major works in philosophy, literature, history, economics, theology, political philosophy, Latin, Greek, and Spanish. Reference materials include important encyclopedias and dictionaries such as the Great Books series, the Lewis and Short Latin dictionary, the Oxford English dictionary, the Webster English Dictionary, the Catholic Encyclopedia and various works in Catholic theology, biography, Church history, and spirituality.
The library has been developed entirely through volunteer hours over the past 8 years by Ms. Emily Tolanda-Fisher under the direction of Mrs. Conces, B.A. (CNLAP board member). The staff also includes Mrs. Laura Gifford, B.S., who has contributed over 100 hours of volunteer service during the past two years. Mrs. Stephanie Davis, MLS, advises the library regarding good practice, policies, and procedures.  Online library resources are also available through the internet.
The John Paul II Library is a public service to the city of Kalamazoo and the Diocese of Kalamazoo. There is no fee for admission to the library and works can be borrowed with proper identification.  Come visit!  Please tell us when you’d like to come: