MP3 Lecture Series

We are pleased to present lectures presented at the Ambrose house of studies for you to listen online or download FOR FREE!

“Teaching Morality to Children” January 14, 2017

Presented by Bobby Kinkela

  • First Lecture audio.  First principles of morality and the difference between teaching to teens and adults.  58 minutes.  (First Principles of Morality)
  • Second Lecture audio.  Examples of morality.  The moral act, the moral personal intention, and the circumstances that affect the culpability of the moral act.  1 hour 8 minutes.  (Moral Virtues and Examples)

“Understanding Islam” November 15, 2014

Presented by Dr. Brian Bradford.

  • First Lecture audio.  Muhammad and the influences of the Qur’an. 1 hour, 24 minutes (MP3)
  • Second Lecture audio.  History of Islam post Muhammad until the Middle Ages.  1 hour, 40 minutes (MP3)

“John Paul II” August 6, 2014

Presented by Clare Anderson


  • Lecture audio 56 minutes (MP3)

“Dante and his Age” July 14, 2014

Presented by Dr. Patrick

  • Lecture audio 1 hour 12 minutes (MP3)
  • Discussion audio 43 minutes (MP3)

Greek capitals1

Dante’s Divine Comedy

Presented by Dr. Ronald Muller

1. “Intro Into the Inferno” MP3 March 6, 2014.  A discussion of the first book of Dante’s Divine Comedy and some of the themes.   83 min.

2. “March 13, Inferno through Canto 16, the descent into hell” MP3 March 13, 2014.  A discussion of Dante’s journey into hell.  This includes limbo, the lustful, the greedy, the wraithful and the river Styx.  78 min.

3. “March 27, Purgatorio through Canto 16, out of the inferno” MP3 March 27, 2014.  A discussion of Dante’s journey up Mount Purgatorio.  This includes the gates, prideful, envious and wraith.  84 min.

4. “April 3, Purgatorio through Canto 33″  MP3 April 3, 2014.  A discussion of Dante’s journey up Mount Purgatorio.  This includes the gates: slothful, covetous/greed, gluttonous, the lustful and earthly paradise.    91 min.

5. May 1, Paradiso MP3 May 1, 2014.  Beatrice takes Dante through Paradise.  We talk about the anagogical interpretation of the divine comedy.  Also included is some of the aspects of Heaven including of heaven, the “telepathy” of heavenly citizens.  79 min.

Winter Symposium, Dec. 7, 2013

Presented by Dr. Ronald Muller, Mstr. Bret Sunnerville, and Mr. Preston Talanda-Fisher, J.D.

“The Nature of Political Philosophy” MP3 A classical philosophical perspective, a modern philosophical perspective, and a theological/legal perspective.  49 min.

“The Nature of Political Philosophy” MP3  Round Table Discussion. 1 hr, 27 min.

Spring Lecture April 27, 2013

Presented by Dr. Ronald Ledek


Newman’s Voice of Conscience, The Echo of the Echo of the Voice of God,”

  • Lecture audio  1 hour 20 minutes (MP3)

Benedict the Wise:

Presented by Bobby Kinkela


April 2: Tuesday; 6:30-8:00pm Session 1

Joseph Ratzinger: His Background and Influence.

April 9: Tuesday; 6:30-8:00pm Session 2

Benedict XVI: On Love

Text to read: Deus Caritas Est (God is Love) (2006)

April 16: Tuesday; 6:30-8:00pm Session 3

Benedict XVI: On Hope

Text to read: Spe Salvi (In Hope We Are Saved) (2007)

April 23: Tuesday; 6:30-8:00pm Session 4

Benedict XVI: On Faith and Truth

Text to read: Caritas in Veritate (In Charity and Truth) (2009)