The Idea of a University


The Cardinal Newman Liberal Arts Project is proud to present “The Idea of a University” hosted by Dr. Ron Muller and Bobby Kinkela.  The purpose of this podcast is to both examine the truth of University learning, and also to appeal to our current friends and advisors, and to increase that number of friends.  We hope you enjoy it!

Nov 23, 2013 (MP3) Ep. 5: Truth and Discipline Conflict.  We look again at academic disciplines and their different methodologies in studying truth. There’s a focus on Literature as teaching truth in a sense the other disciplines cannot. And discipline breaks down. We talk about what happens when the disciplines collide and disagree. In depth discussion of the discipline conflict issues in the Galileo case.

Oct 15, 2013 (MP3) Ep. 4: University Leadership.  We look at leadership (University President) being held by someone in an academic capacity (a professor) and why it’s important to have the administrative duties done by an academic.  This takes us back to the idea of the University academic and students focusing on the mission of the university which is pursuing Truth.  Talk among the disciplines is a requirement for pursuing Truth.

July 29, 2013 (MP3) Ep. 3: Academic Disciplines.  In this episode, we look how the disciplines developed from the middle ages into the renaissance, the methodologies that divide the disciplines, and the goal of all the disciplines that is truth.  In particular, we ask the questions “Did the Universe have a beginning?” and “Is the human soul eternal?” through the disciplines of theology, philosophy and natural science.

June 28, 2013 (MP3) Ep. 2: The University of Bologna.  In this episode, we look how seeking truth for its own sake inspired the cathedral schools of the later middle ages and the founding of the first universities.

May 24, 2013 (MP3) Ep. 1: What is Liberal Arts Learning?: Liberal learning is learning that is free, born of leisure and wonder, and directed towards the most important truths and insights. In this first episode, we look at what the first principles of a university are and give a general overview of the mission and purpose of a Catholic university.  This dialogue includes the topics of interdisciplinary discussion, defining liberal arts, search for happiness and the asking of the important questions of life.